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My two best friends.
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I want to know everyone, therefore any community is important to me as it is a shared center of knowledge and interaction.
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My strengths are in overall general knowledge, information technology, computer science, design, some maritime knowledge, strong leadership, and a cultured and open mind.
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I am a contract special courier. I choose when I want to work and who I work for. Otherwise, I usually tend to the terrarium, obtaining clean water, and research solutions to our superthreats.
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Galicia, Spain
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After graduating from college I realized the only thing that mattered was being happy. Money didn't matter. Also, as I became more aware of my environment, surroundings, and current events I saw that as humans we were slowly killing ourselves and it made me depressed. So I strived to change it, so that I may be happy once again.
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Saving humanity.
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7 years 32 weeks