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a girlfriend, a dog
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I know many other architects who share my views. I know several independent contractors in the region who are willing to implement my ideas. I am in contact with several professors of architecture at the University of Oregon.
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I recognize the importance of a home in making somebody a happy and healthy person. I am a good communicator, and can use these skills to help a client get exactly what they want in a home. I believe once people are happy with the environment they live in, they will feel more inclined to help others, and to participate in fixing the problems of our planet.
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I am an architect. I specialize in green residential architecture and am a partner in a small firm. In addition to working on projects for real clients, our firm constantly researches ways to build sustainably and safely (for residents) in changing environments. Our belief is that no one should be forced out of the place where they choose to live.
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Bandon, Oregon
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My decision to study architecture at the University of Oregon has made me who I am. It gave me a great education, and helped me find internships in the region, which introduced me to the professional field of architecture.
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The security of my family and friends, leading a healthy lifestyle (both physically and mentally), the environment (preservation)
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