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Wife and two daughters aged 17 and 19.
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I spend time trying to make our local community more sustainable, with local food production, local power generation and local disposal. I don't always succeed, though.
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I'm a software engineer, I work in ""high technology"". I also have knowledge of art and where it's going. I'm very interested in how people relate to and try to ""own"" their own culture.
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A large research institution, working in high-performance computing. I work on such technologies as safety-critical telepresence systems (e.g. robotic surgery) and genetic sequencing and engineering.
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Melbourne, Australia
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The near-collapse of the US and European financial system in early 2009 made me think deeply about where my own country, Australia, sits in the world.
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My children are just coming ""of age"". I'm thinking a lot about the world that they are about to inherit.
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