Steve Puma

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A group of mostly tech-savvy individuals who travel around keeping the internet and computing infrastructure patched together.
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I know San Francisco Environmentalists associated with Presidio School of Management, I know people in the Information Technology community, I have connections with east coast finance and lots of Rutgers University Alumni
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I know Computers, I'm a Problem-Solver, I'm a Writer, I'm good with Numbers and Business, I can Cook, I have Mechanical Aptitude
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I manage an 3D virtual online community. Also a member of a think-tank dedicated to coming up with ways to solve the current crises. I earn most of my money selling and repairing old computers and electronics
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Traveling with a group of techno-nomads, from San Francisco and across the U.S.
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At age 42, I completed my MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio School. While survival has become the rule of the day, and not sustainability, the training left me well prepared to deal with the multiple crises of the current time.
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Making sure that the human race keeps moving forwards, not backwards.
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Steve Puma
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