Super Name

Profile Cohabitation
Handsome, the tribe at AMO and many guests in creative residence
Profile Communities
social change leaders, creatives, thinkers who are clear in their manifestation of new ways of being
Profile Skills
love, eyes of truth and insight, nature's flows, the unique hidden skills that others rarely admit
Profile Profession
Running retreat workshop space for hundreds, creating packaging for organic farm products on the AMO land, writing and lecturing, making large art with our community
Profile Location
Waitakere City, Auckland NZ
Profile Experience
Finished the Amoration: Space and Soul book and began speaking with groups about honest engagement with self and other; as the self-sustaining network grew my presence was able to fill the land and gracefully spill out without great chaos or waste.
Profiles Ideals
wisdom, health, love, awareness of self and relationship to the whole
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Super Id


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7 years 33 weeks