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I live with my husband, my mother and father, 3 daughters, 1 son in law, 1 son, 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson
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Working on the internet I know more people than I am aware of at this time. But I do have contact with Doctors, Nurses and other internet workers. At home I of course know my family and neighbors, and friends from around town.
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Having worked on the internet for the past 25 years I do know my way around, and because a lot of my work is in the health field I know how and where to find health related information. Having grandparents who immigrated from Norway and proceeded to homestead I have knowledge of what it takes to survive with minimal outside help. I am a photographer, a writer and a crafter. I have a great imagination and the patience and perseverance to follow tasks through to completion.
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I am a site manager for a health related website, I also work on the farm with my family.
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Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
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In 2018 when the cost of electricity and gas became outrageously expensive we as a family made the choice to go off of the grid. In January 2019 the powers to be decided that it would no longer provide our island with electricity and the power to the island was shut down. Soon the shipping began to shut down due to the cost of running the ships, with sailings limited many Islanders migrated to the mainland and points beyond. It was during this time after much discussion with the family that we decided to stay on the island and the farm. My parents who are elderly could no longer live alone, and so we brought them to the farm. Not long afterwards we brought in our children. Together as a family we will survive.
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