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With Girlfriend in Urban Multiplex - Bay Area only gets denser
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I surround myself with other passionate people interested in making the world a better place one step at time. I make an effort to reach out to anyone who interests me as a person and whose work is insightful or groundbreaking. The diversity and caliber of the attendees of the TED Conference is representative of the diverse social circle I try to maintain and grow.
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I am a voracious learner and have broad knowledge on many topics through a combination of independent reading, concentrated study and in-field experience. Topics that particularly interest me are behavioral and social psychology, macro-economics, entrepreneurship, politics, (most) current affairs, and many aspects of technology, particularly the social impact side. I consider myself to be a pretty rational person and a skilled networker. I am adept at balancing divergent opinions and I am not afraid to admit what I don’t know and look to others for advice.
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Entrepreneur & Strategist. I have many gigs that take my time.
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Bay Area
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Well it started 13 years ago to be exact, while traveling in Rome with my family, I sat next to the Trevi Fountain on a balmy night absorbing the magnitude of the moment and hit me, ""I am going to do something important with my life."" Three years later during the summer of 2008 while I was an intern at the Institute for the Future I started an ambitious project to enable youth to have a larger impact on the future, in the present and later in life. After investing energy daily to grow my ability to make a difference, I finally hit my stride with a project where I could provide value for my peers, myself, and my organization. Progression has been smooth since then and opportunities have risen exponentially.
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Providing Value: To the world with my work, and to people with the relationships we share
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