Jason Louv

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An international contact list of the most intelligent and strangest people on the rock.
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The world's most intelligent and maddest people - cultural critics, authors, musicians, engineers, shamans and suits.
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I know how to change your mind.
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Writer, brand consultant, cultural high priest. I tell stories that define realities.
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Everywhere. I have a lifestyle subscription to Ikea which reconstitutes the same model apartment for me in any city I visit. I spend most of my time in the European Union, India, Thailand and the Blue Coasts.
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JWT futurist Marian Salzmann noticed my acumen and precision in deep trendspotting and cultural engineering and offered consultancy work on the Unilever brand in 2009. They liked what they saw, they liked what I provided and the money and so began the lifestyle: engineering society at the corporate level and engineering society at the heart and soul level by writing books for smart-ass kids.
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Making sure that humanity stays human, instead of no-rights no-soul corporate hoardlings little distinguishable from Grey aliens.
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Jason Louv
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