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Husband and Kid(s) and lots of animals
Profile Communities
Strong family ties, even if we don't get to see them very often due to travel restrictions. Strong fellowship in the local rural community. If you need something, someone has it and is willing to trade.
Profile Skills
I know a good deal of science from my work, and am becoming a very competent teacher with my children. I've always been environmentally aware, which has made the transition a little easier. I'm also becoming a pretty good farmer.
Profile Profession
Stay at home mom, teacher, and farmer
Profile Location
Rural Texas, outside Houston
Profile Experience
I started the farm and suplemental eco enery as a hobby. After getting layed off from the Energy Sector, the farm made more scense. When the rolling brown outs and frequent black outs started happening, we went off the grid.
Profiles Ideals
Family, Environment, Education
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