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My partner, and too many stray dogs
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The best way fFor me to spend my time is interacting with the people in the low-bandwidth comm sectors.
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visualizations, data crunching, information relay, logistical support
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An aspiring professor, I'm fFinding my skills now best used to address small crowds with pertinent information. This has become more useful in recent times.
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Near one of the scrabbling tech centers
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When things started to get bad a couple years ago, I saw people start to regress their lives. The idea isn't too bad: Avoid over processed under valued products. But people started taking it too fFar, avoiding even simple health, basic medicine, and common sense. I have always believed in the strength of knowledge, but now more than ever, it is crucial to use what we know to improve what we do.
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Of greatest importance is moving fForward, not backward.
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