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Profile Cohabitation
My father, two cousins, and another extended family. My girlfriend lives on the other side of the island but it’s only a 7 mile cycle ride. There are always visitors dropping in and out of the house though.
Profile Communities
Locally I know pretty well everyone! Particularly through being one of the main links to the other islands I have probably met almost all of the 10,000 or so people on Santa Maria, and have good friends on all the Azorean islands. Online I have many old friends still in the UK and around Europe, as well as professional links with many international institutions, including the UK Parliaments, the Multinational Energy Agency and GEAS itself.
Profile Skills
I have a strong overview of the intersecting challenges of climate and energy, and have now been working in this area for over 15 years. I’ve also learnt a fair bit about permaculture and the resilience of strong communities in my time here. I am also a keen student of philosophy and enjoy discussions of the spiritual themes underlying humanity’s current challenges and potential.
Profile Profession
I have what they used to call a portfolio career. Depending on what needs doing I spend around four days a week working on our communal permaculture farms, or occasionally teaching local children. Most evenings I spend online, working as a climate/energy analyst to various institutions and individuals around the world. I also operate as a local trader and take my yacht across to Sao Miguel and the other islands once a fortnight.
Profile Location
I live in a comfortable four bedroom house just outside the town of Vila do Porto, which is on the island of Santa Maria in the Azores, mid-Atlantic.
Profile Experience
I’m not sure that I was ever so different a person, I’ve just got better at realising myself. Moving out here in 2011 was a big step in that process though. When I was in London I really only built the world I wanted to see in my head – it’s only when I joined with others and added building it with my hands that I found this deep sense of fulfilment.
Profiles Ideals
Seeing the human adventure continue. I’ve always felt that Marion King Hubbert said it best, “Our ignorance is not so vast as our failure to use what we know”. We have all the knowledge we need for a wondrous future, we just need to prove that we are sufficiently evolved to use it in time, rather than responding only when it is too late. Perhaps the latest GEAS projection is just the kick we needed.
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