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I live with several friends, along with my dog named Spark.
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I know experts in the field of medicine and psychology. I also remain in contact with other colleagues from all over the world through the Global Communication System. I know some people involved in Non-Government Organizations as well, but I'm trying to tap into other networks that can help in order to mobilize the causes I'm fighting for.
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Medicine, research, sciences, computers, psychology...
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I'm a doctor and I work at the Philippine Medical Hospital, under a program for mobile health. I work long hours. On the side though, I enjoy blogging and watching movies.
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I live in the Philippines, high up in the mountains. We've managed to make a modern settlement located in an area that is relatively far from the coastal areas -- safe from violent storms and sudden changes in tides.
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I studied for 10 years, taking Medicine here in the Philippines. After graduating from Medical School, however, I decided to take my residency in New York. After I finished, I came back to the Philippines, moved out of my parents' house and lived in the place that I now share with friends. I'm not married and I'm very much focused on my career.
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I value helping people, curing their sicknesses. I'm very involved also with research for cures of new developing diseases. I think that turning to some of our local herbal medicines for cures might be a promising area for research. Aside from that, coming from a Type C country, I am engaged in providing healthcare for my community even if most of them can't really afford it.
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