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I live with my boyfriend of 4 years
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I know all my neborighs very well because we all share food from our gardens. I am also very close to my sister, who lives in the apartment next to mine
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I am really good with people and i went to college and got a BFA in the fine arts, which was a huge help when i was appling for my job
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I am a photographer. I work at a small fashion magazine. The fashion magazine is doing well and a have alot of money compared to the rest of NYC
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I live in a small apartment in New York City
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I met my boyfriend at a party I almost didn't go to, and i found the ad for the job opening I took in a newspaper i picked up off the groung by the subway. I was smart with my money and I am doing well compared to the rest of the nation. I gave my parent some of my money when the where going throough a hard time and they are living very happily. I also found my sister the job she has and now she is a famous lawer.
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My boyfriend and my family.
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