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Matt-spouse, Dario-Scottish terrier, a school of food-adapted koi
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UCLA alumni, neighbors in Pasadena, allied knowledge workers at CSU Pasadena, students and collegues in vitrual-reality SchoolhouseSpace
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General: computer comfort, esp. with Pasadena's Object-Based Intelligent Wide Area Network (OBIWAN) and other ambient protocols; mechanical aptitude and moderate electronics knowledge; knowledge of nutritional/medicinal uses of local flora. Ph.D., English/New Media. Admin multi-channel blog that covers interests in social computing, emergent literature and art, motorsports, cognitive science, and sustainable living.
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Work @ home, largely interacting w/ virtual educational community
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Wetware stationed in Pasadena, CA, USA (UWSA? who knows). Multi-channeled virtual inhabitant; lo-bandwidth comm @ http://twitter.com/PJ2019
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I've been active in sustainability and education activism for a long time now, but In mid-2019 I learned GEAS had found a 10-year window in which we could go extinct. I'd been so used to doomsayers, but this news rang true. And I realized I could actually do something about it.
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Saving H. sapiens by feeding its creative, intellectual, and limit-pushing hungers (who said we don't live by bread alone? Or NuFu?)
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