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I share my home with my husband Jey and our daughter, Sarah Eve. Nearby are my parents, and my sister and her roommate.
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I know creative people all over the world - artists, writers, producers, designers, programmers and engineers. I also have connections to teachers, business owners and executives.
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I write, research and report. I’m interested in social systems and human interaction. I’m fascinated by social media and do a lot of work with online communities.
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I’m a journalist/blogger on social trends and evolution, and do contracted consulting work on the same. Jey is a games designer who focuses on education, history and social connectivity. We are currently working on an art installation, the development of which I will discuss over the next six weeks.
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I live in northeast Texas, in a small community of people who formed to create a sustainable, supportive “village.”
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My path started in 2009, when my boyfriend moved to the U.S. from England. As vegetarians interested in fitness and living green, we had always worked together to get through the gradually worsening hardships imposed by government and economic infrastructure problems, radical weather and food shortages. But after the birth of our daughter, our priorities totally changed; now we focus on making the world a better place for her to live.
Profiles Ideals
First and foremost is keeping the family safe and fed, and taking care of and supporting our friends and family nearby. We’re very involved in our community so working to find solutions for problems caused by weather, lack of supplies, etc. - and then sharing those solutions with others - is an important part of our daily lives. We pay attention to what goes on in the world and keep in touch with friends from all over and keep an eye on what affects them, but have restricted travel options.
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