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families I love, and transients who need help (about 15 permanent and 15 transient at any time)
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museums, libraries, coops, technologists, cultural leaders
Profile Skills
how to build stuff. how to live on your own labor. How to make composting toilets and gray water systems and gardens. How to design exhibitions and interactive technologies. How to cook vegetarian. How to get the arts funding that still exists.
Profile Profession
I run a museum/bar that serves as a social hub for both residents and people passing through. The museum content reflects the stories and lives of the people who visit.
Profile Location
off the grid in the mountains of Santa Cruz
Profile Experience
In 2007, my husband and I moved to a former commune in Santa Cruz. We expected to start a quiet life with friends. I traveled constantly for work as a consultant to museums worldwide. But when the airline industry crashed, and my travel was bringing me to fewer, more isolated and privileged enclaves, I became uncomfortable with our remote existence. We decided to open up our 40 acres to more folks--mostly people in transition--and invited refugees to stay with us. We started slowly. We always ask visitors to leave something behind--a sculpture, a new structure, a brushpile cleared. We've built up an amazing garden, and our solar has improved to the point that we really are fully self-sufficient. My work in town connects me with people who may be right for our place, and we now have a series of dwellings that are available for varying amounts of time. Our kids are always interacting with new people, and the positives have definitely outweighed the headaches.
Profiles Ideals
Connecting real people to each other. When we think of folks as statistics it's easy not to care. There are unique stories inside each of us that make us worth caring about.
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