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My tribemates, Tony and Jennifer. Expected a wife and kid by now, but life is funny.
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mathematicians, gamers, teachers, students, Portlanders
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improv acting, improv comedy, mindmapping, writing, gaming, proofreading, planning, project management, creative problem-solving, public speaking, mathematics, teaching, cooking, eating
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My official position is that of a mathematics professor in an informatics research playgroup. I also revstream Open Source Teaching: Mathematics, commissioned mindmap art, pervasive math tutoring, and instant consulting.
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Portland, Oregon
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I decided to balance my focus with some levity by pursuing my doctorate, but attempting to maintain a ""life"" at the same time. It was not entirely successful, but I made some excellent mistakes.
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I love thinking about the big picture. This might mean abstracting the heck out of a problem until it is pure mathematics, or it might mean helping people I like be the best at who they are. Sharing is also important, which is why I'd like to show you my partial to-do list for superstruct:
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