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My husband who is working for an Indian software company. He heads the support division of the company, and he travels frequently across India, Asia, Europe, Africa and US. He has clients that are scattered across the world. He has been traveling to Africa as they have some new and important clients in Nigeria and Kenya. My son and daughter are both teenagers. They were born and grew in the US, and are getting used to a life in India.
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environmental refugees, social development NGOs
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Good at fund raising, planning, networking, researching
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Free-lancing, social entrepreneurship and environmental activism. I conduct research in India looking at mobile computing and health. Most of my clients are people that I worked with when I lived in the US. I work primarily from home. I also volunteer for a women's organization, Sewa, which teaches women living in Indian villages to become entrepreneurs and independent.I also volunteer for ""Ganga bachcho"" (Save Ganges) a grass-root environmental group that aims to save the river Ganges.
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New Delhi, India
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I lived in the US for 20 years, and I was quite happy, living and working in the US. It was only on my last trip to India during the winter I had an epiphany -- my god I miss this place and people. Me and my husband made the decision to move back to India. I believe it is good for the children to be close to their extended family, know their grandparents, uncles and aunties, and cousins. I think it is important for them to live in India to appreciate their culture and heritage. And, the schools are great here!
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Saving the planet from destruction, ensuring that my children have a good future. I am worried that we wont have a planet that is livable in 10 years.
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