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My wife June and our two children, Edith and Rocket Jack.
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Wellington and San Francisco theater and event industry practitioners, social game designers and players, and those in the social marketing industry. Share issues and needs with other apartment dwellers and young families.
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I have a comprehensive knowlege of the theater and event industries - from research to performance to design to management. This is paralleled with years of experience in social marketing and game design, as well as online community fostering & leading.
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For the last two years I have been a househusband, and taken over the daytime care of our children. Alongside this I have been doing contract work as a community leader for a variety of online projects, and assisting as a mentor with a youth theater organization in San Francisco. I'm now gearing up to start Teacher Training College in January, working freelance on event-based and community work untill then.
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After nine years of living in San Francisco, my family and I are moving back to live in Wellington, New Zealand.
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I managed to pull myself back from the brink of being a work-obsessed, negligent father and husband two years ago. My daughter ""suddenly"" reached school age, and I realised Ihad no idea who she was any more. Never again, I decided, and became a househusband.
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Caring for, supporting and spending time with my family and friends.
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