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My wife and five other families with whom we have a Commons contract and a semi-communal compact.
Profile Communities
Immediate networks of chosen family are most important. I also have links to social activists, social scientists, the SF community, and non-governmental and academic entities.
Profile Skills
Advanced knowledge of anthropology, history, social analysis, and the study of political structures; writing and critical thinking, organizing, taking ideas apart to see how they work; researcher and ethnographer; gamer. BA and MA in Socio-Cultural Anthropology.
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I write, I sell a bit on the black market, I garden, I scrounge funds for our Commons, I tutor kids and substitute teach.
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Ithaca, NY, USA
Profile Experience
No defining moment, really, I am just adapting to the ongoing situation. If anything, the GEAS report is the catalyst that turns me from reactive to wanting to do something different.
Profiles Ideals
Taking care of those I love and helping to create a community that everyone can live in.
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