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My familly. Most of my family has been stripped of their belongings due to racism and discrimination.
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I know most people involved in my industry. I have traveled the world in search of technology for my research. Places are more important to me if they recognize the threats that we are facing, and trying to solve; also places involved either with my business or general trading ports.
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I studied gyroscopes in the sixth grade, and used the knowledge I gained and applied it to my job. This helped me to really harness the power of momentum, helping me to create a more fuel efficient engine and fuel source.
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I work as an engineer, refining cars to create almost fuel-free engines.
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I live in Michigan, one of the more rural areas.
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I did a month-long study, graphing any business related or environmental issues. The result was quite a waker-upper.
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My family. I am depended on, and I am like the stilts for us. I keep us up and alive.
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