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A Loose and ever changing assortment of animals, animal interpretors, care givers and savants, friends, associates, family, Family and others.
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Reconnecting with Spirit to rediscover Universal patterns, solutions and ways of being will be an essential component of building a healthier future together.
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I am an ""Animal Listener"" and can 'know' their messages, interpret their nuances and see a larger picture. I can work the internet, communicate with people and ride fast when physical presence is what's needed.
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I garden, Listen to animals, create connections and deliver information and small goods on horseback - literally or figuratively, from un-ruined farmland. Like the Pony Express of the American prairie in the 1800's.
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I have always been attuned to animals and their messages and ways of coping and being. Circumstances created opportunity to expand in these areas when things started to get dicey.
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Connecting, correcting, passing messages that are larger than immediate circumstance.
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