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My wife Hope, her mother Juliana, my sister-in-law Regan, her husband and 3 kids
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My friends (around the world and online), my family, my coworkers at Grupo Villacero
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I know a lot about food, including the Slow Food and Local-vore movements. I've been ringside for several major hurricanes and their aftermath, and was centerstage for Hurricane Ike. I work with computers every day. I have experience with a large community of immigrants here who know what it's like to be forced to leave home.
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I mine data and write reports for Grupo Villacero
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Reynosa, Mexico
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My wife's family is from Mexico, so after the 3rd class-5 hurricane hit the Gulf Coast, we emigrated. We weren't the only ones.
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The survival of the human race, ending hunger, and unity and tolerance among all people
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