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Wife and two kids
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A worldwide community of collaborators,working on sustainable solutions to provide food, health and education to people who are in need.
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I think i'm a good storyteller, quite subversive. I'm really into gardening, sustainable communities, collective organisms and cheap-effective solutions.
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I'm the Creative Director and Senior Graphic designer of a sustainable ad-agency based in Sao Paulo. We provide ad-services at low cost -- or even for free --for NPOs and NGOs from the whole country.I write poetry and in my spare time i like to write indie-journalistic articles, covering a wide subjects spectrum.My passions in life are -- besides my family and pets -- languages. I majored in English language at the Sao Paulo University (USP), after years and years of being a school-bum (yeah, i regret that).
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Sao Paulo, Brazil
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In 2008 i realized i couldn't keep living how i was living anymore. My girlfriend got pregnant, and i was jobless. I began building my portfolio, and i knocked on the doors of almost every agency in Sao Paulo, until i finally got a cool job. That was the turnpike in my life.Also, when my son was born, i had to become a more responsible person. I was forced to. I don't regret it at all, despite of the difficulties of having a son so early in life, and having to raise a kid on an extremely tight budget. It wasn't an easy task at all.
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Realizing that everything i do is done with passion. From typing this text to delivering the campaigns we produce at the agency.Besides professional concerns, i can't sleep well if i'm not sure that my kids and my wife are safe and satisfied with our lives. I even bought a Playstation Reality-X to my kids. That gave me a huge dent in the pocket, but seeing their faces, the bright on their eyes when they were opening the package is priceless. (And GTA Abu Dhabi is also priceless. The holographic thingie they're packing with the game is fantastic!!)
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