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My long term partner, BigDamnHero.
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I have many friends in the design industry, a large network of like-minded small plot vegetable growers and many old friends working in various areas of science.
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Professionally, I have a background in new media design and film making. Organic vegetable growing started as a hobby but now takes a lot of my spare time.
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Digital office space means that I can work from home and no longer have to commute to an office. My design and animation work can be done easily from my home machines and face-to-face meetings can always be arranged in rented space, if necessary.
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I live in a nice old terrace in Brighton, UK.
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I first got an allotment just because I liked the idea of growing my own veg, but as food prices began to skyrocket it became more and more of an economical thing. The same with fuel prices - when the oil crisis got bad and gas and electricity prices went through the roof I decided it would be cheaper to make my own energy, so I saved up for decent solar panels for the roof. Producing my own food and electricity keeps my overheads low, and giving up commuting gives saves money and gives me more free time.
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Aesthetics are important, but I also try not too have a negative impact on the environment - saving power, eating home-grown and organic produce etc.
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