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Nine other volunteers.
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The other volunteers here are obviously the people I'm closest to, we all gave up a lot to come out here to protect these animals and I think that that one link instantly formed a very strong bond between all of us. My family are also very important, especially my sister Holly, and I email them whenever I can.
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My IT skills are pretty sharp, but there's not much call for them out here. Since being out here, I've massively built on a lot of survival skills I got a taste of in the Army Cadets (almost purely because I had to), meaning I'm reasonably capable of fending for myself in the wild. That doesn't mean i wouldn't rather be under a roof in a nice warm bed, but looking after these guys doesn't always mean I can. Also, I've got an encyclopaedic knowledge of films which, while not especially useful, usually means I'm armed with a hilarious quote to ease tension or lighten moods.
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I'm a volunteer at an orangutan sanctuary in the heart of Borneo.
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Sabah, Borneo
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I discovered that the orangutans were in danger of becoming extinct by 2050 due to deforestation caused by a demand for palm oil. Extinction of any species is not a fair price to pay for hand cream.
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The orangutans, particularly Koyah. My family and friends. Also, my sense of humour.
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