RODriguez Netizen

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Mom, Sister, and Niece and Rodriguez Clan
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Family networks: Falcon, Garcia, Rodriguez, Avila, Cortez, Garza, and Ortega
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Ethnographer, Storyteller, Painter, Photographer
Profile Profession
Work at the Institute for the Future, Health Care Futurist, Community Health Activist, Artist and Bartender
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The Bay Area, City of Angels, the Arizona Desert, and in Second Life
Profile Experience
Opened a New Californian Restaurant and Bar specializing in ChinoLatino cuisine in 2012. Wrote a personal book in 2015 documenting family stories coming to America. ""The Cortez Sisters"" is currently being rewritten as screenplay.
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Storytelling, Culture, Rituals
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RODriguez Netizen
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7 years 36 weeks