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Im mostly friends with gamers and geeks online aswell as irl.
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Internet and Networking, technological developments,some programming, also some knowlage concering the laws in germany especially anything thats connected to IT.
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When i first started using the internet i got involved in not entirely legal activities without ever realising that. After i found out i did always keep an eye on the current legal developments so i can stay on the safe side. I did already notice at 1st that many laws that concern the internet and other digital things are not even close to the current technological possibilities and that many things that i did were not legal even tho there was no damage to anyone when i did them. But it got worse instead of better ridiculus laws came into place for copyrights that were obviously only inspired by industry interests. Since 2001 there has also been the concerning tendency to legalize more ways of survailance and remove as many legal prequesites as possible, also the reduction of freedoms in some other areas and trys to undermine the constitution all with claims of the terrorist threat even there has not been any terrorism in germany that came from the outside in the recent history.
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Computer and internet related developments in technology and law. Privacy laws, copy right laws, laws concerning personal freedom. Growing surveilance of the all people and the growing influence of corperation into politics.
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