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my husband and two cats
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facebook, twitter, music and musicians, youth foresight global network, futurist communities
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I know a lot about how to help people prepared for the future, how to look for today's signals to understand larger forthcoming patterns, I also speak Russian and English and have a great understanding of the global environment.
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I lead a great think tank dedicated to promoting foresight
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split my time between san francisco, new york, and london
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in 2009 the economy went through a major downturn which turned upside down many of the traditional institutions, ways of doing things, means of creating value. It was scary but cleansing at the same time because people got down to what really mattered. People banded together to help each other in new ways. After many banks failed and there was no access to credit, I was involved in starting a neighborhood lending network--people giving money to others in their neighborhood to invest, sometimes to simply make ends meet, in the hope that those in need will repay them when things got better. But lending money was just the beginning. After living together for a long time but never spending time together, the neighbors really got to know each other. We realized that we not only could help each other financially but could also help in many other ways. We became a family, with people helping each other take care of kids, gardening, sharing meals, giving medical advice. As the financial capital disappeared, people found value in social capital and exchanged it to help themselves and their neighborhood survive. As things got better, the lessons stayed with me and many others who were involved in this incredibly uplifting experiment.
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being around great interesting people, writing, staying healthy and vibrant, passing wisdom do younger generations
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