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My key focus is my family.
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My knowledge is that life is too short to be careless.
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Brand Manager, MyFolio, Inc. (Husband's company)
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Bay Area, CA
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I have grown to be the person that I am due to hearing the stories of the struggles that my family went through getting to the U.S, and the struggles I watched my family go through trying to make a living. My family moved to California for a better life, and live in the so-called ""Freedom"" country. Unfortunately life has dealt tough cards for almost every average American due to the hardships that America set out on everyone. Watching the era of the Bush doctrine made me realize that life is precious, and at times not fair. Hence we need to take care of ourselves and those who are dear to us because the unexpected can happen (which in most cases is negative), or even the expected can happen (which in most cases is pretty negative as well). Based on how politics shaped living, I have now changed my views on life.
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