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A shifting collection of people who happen to be in the same space. This has a tendancy to be online a lot now.
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I consider it my job to make connections with people. I'm not saying I'm any good at it,but... I suppose the comunity I value most is that formed from a sucession of chance encounters with people willing to give a little of themselves.
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For the last dozen years I've been focusing on how people relate to and interact with the social and physical landscapes around them. I'm interested in how people can be encouraged to make small contributions to a greater whole. I initially trained as an enginer (Materials Science) and that knowledge lingers on in an interest in process and properties and how the two interrelate. It's probably inevitable that locative technologies have steadily crept into my work as a tool, but I still believe the humans using the tech are more interesting and informative than the tech itself.
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Artist, working in and across the interstices
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Paying rent on a room in Birmingham, UK, but tend to wander around a bit
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Incrementally, my biography is a brownian motion response to stimuli - large and small - from the people and places around me. Experiencing my first typhoon lock-down made me a) realise my dependence on different communication structures and b) get me fired up to resume collecting lo-fi weather samples to tell the story of what's happening
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現在地, in its broadest sense
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