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Laura, my life partner
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Through work, I have contacts, and even some friends, all over the public and private sector. Academically, I correspond with a few lecturers at different universities who share my interests. Socially, a fair few club kids in the UK have heard of me, and I tend to hang out with people who are interested in good music and good technology.
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Working with various parties, you end up learning a little bit about everything: transport infrastructure, theories of education, what's left of banking, etc. My specialisms are quantitative prediction analysis and emergent technologies. I'm also a pretty good music producer.
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I'm a freelance consultant, working in OSS methodologies, specialising in risk analysis and emergent technologies. I also write, both academically and as a commentator, on risk and technology issues. I'm also a DJ and music producer.
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York Civilian Protection Enclave, Yorkshire, UK
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I was involved, in a relatively low level way, with a government IT project that had to be cancelled, costing around £1bn. I realised that no-one had taken into account the way that the advances in technology around this project were changing the nature of the project, and changing the expectations of the public. Shortly after that, I set up my consultancy, and within a few years had the money to move to the Civilian Protection Enclave in York. This also gave me the time to write
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Laura, her happiness and her safety. After that, information, and the skills to deal with it.
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