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I live with my husband and two dogs.
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I work very closely with local farmers in the region. I buy all my food from the markets they operate in the city and make it a point to cover any issues creating problems for them. In my line of work I have also developed many connections within the government, but I am careful to use them only when it is absolutely necessary. It's never good to be indebted to the authorities.
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I am an expert communicator, able to get information from people who have secrets to keep. My friendly demeanor helps people open up to me and I have a strong sense for people's motives. It is rare that I fail to sense a lie.
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I am a freelance writer and editor working out of my home.
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I live in Amsterdam, Holland.
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I took the plunge in 2012 to become a freelancer. It was scary to leave my full time position in an attempt to find more fulfilling work, but I did, and it has paid off. After writing a series of articles for Mother Jones outlining the fundamentals of the 2015 water crisis, I became a well-respected investigative reporter in my field.
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The preservation of the natural environment is most important to me, but racial and social equality follows only slightly behind. In times of crisis, poor people and minorities often experience the brunt of a situation that they did little to help create. I want to make sure the people who need help get it and the people who are responsible for creating global crises are held accountable.
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