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My wife, small living dog, large robot dog.
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Institute for the Future is my base community, including all the varied organizations and people with whom we work. Over my career, I have worked with people from all around the world, in many different roles and walks of life.
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I know something about organizations, leadership, and faith in its many faces. I'm particularly intererested in change, within organizations, within society, and within ourselves. I'm also really into healthy aging practices and games.
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Writing, content facilitation of workshops, and speaking--mostly with nonprofits and organizations with a change mandate.
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Near the ocean
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In 2009, I wrote a book called ""Leaders Make the Future: 10 Leadership Skills for an Uncertain Age."" In 2011, I co-authored a book called ""Faith in the Future."" These two books opened new doors for me, with many different kinds of people and groups interested in positive social futures.
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do-it-ourselves leadership...collaboration with a positive social purpose.
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