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My husband, our kid(s)?, animals
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Friends, Family | Sri Lankans | People all over the world | Decisionmakers | Journalists
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Informing and educating people | Communication | Animal Health | Sri Lanka | Sinhala | Web Design | Decision making | Organizational skills |
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I spend time on my charity, Canine Life Support, which has grown into a global nonprofit organization, known worldwide. I'm also busy writing, exploring new techology, enjoying nature, living a peaceful, balanced yet exciting life
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Somewhere surrounded by nature
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I decided to fully dedicate my time to my foundation, Canine Life Support and quit my job. This enabled me to spend much more time in Sri Lanka and working on our goals. I talked to many people and the foundation quickly grew into a globally known nonprofit organization. We have been able to make significant changes in countries that need it most. We now have enough funding to do our job.
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Family | Friends | Animals | Canine Life Support | Change | Fun | Nature | Happiness | Change | Adventure | Challenge | Balance
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