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B my wife, Alex and Mathias my two stepsons 23 and 15
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a very formal and local network inside education and speciallearning beside family and friends
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I'm in education, interested in pervasiv learning, collaborative learning, learning communities. I'm a paed-ikt consultant creating individual educational solutions for adults with special needs! Initiate e-learningcommunities in working communities!
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Initiate a projekt where pervasiv learning, collaborative learning and information help the normades/refugees to navigate in the comming years!
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Christianshavn, Copenhagen Denmark
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After the big collaps in 2008/9 I became aware of the dangers that followed in the slipstream of poverty and depression namely fascism!
Profiles Ideals
The wellbeing of people I'm connected with, and to fight protectionism, nationalism, fascism and ignorance!
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