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My Wife and children
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The communities that are most important to me, is the entire global community as a whole. Integrating everyone's interest into a universal understanding of each other in order to create peace in diversity. I am part of an organization that betters humanity as a whole.
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I am a Ph.D in Behavioral Sciences which is interdisciplinary in using the combination of perspectives from Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, and Public Policy. I understand many social circumstances from multiple perspectives which brings all the studies together. I apply what I understand about the world to help others in understanding how to make the world a better place
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I am a research analyst and an educator
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San Francisco, CA
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I became the person I am through the hardships of the environmental deterioriation, economic collapse, and loss of many personal friends from drug addiction
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The well-being of mankind and my close friends and family
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