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Basically I'm a nomad, moving from project to project. But I often stay at the houses of coworkers and allies as I move, it's so much more personal than hotels.
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My biggest allegiance is to the poor as a whole. Those are my people. But DCAR has a special place in my life. I've also got a lot of old Burning Man and military friends kicking around, and of course there's the movement I helped start which gives me more credit than I really deserve.
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I'm a guru. I just have a knack, some would say a preternatural talent, for mapping and understanding systems, and finding cheap ways to keep people alive.
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I'm an infrastructure consultant. I build and rebuild nation states from the infrastructure bones up to the court and legal systems, where needed. I spend a lot of time in the field, and a lot of time in government.
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Hi. I'm Vinay Gupta. Welcome to my Superstructure profile.See my Transitblog, The Gupta Option (mostly video) here http://superstruct-theguptaoption.tumblr.com/ for my current location.I don't really live anywhere. I have part-time office sharing contracts in five or six cities, and I spend a lot of time with friends or in hotels. But I haven't had a home base in years. I'm too busy.
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I made a vow when I was 23 or 24 that I'd supply food, shelter and housing to 100,000 people in return for the universe doing me a favor. It delivered.
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10 years ago I discovered from WHO statistics that half of all human death is death from poverty. It's an ongoing holocaust that I swore I'd try to stop.
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