L. Cayden Tse

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My life partner, Yvonne Tse, our two cats, Othello and Iago, and our Welsh Corgi, Maggie.
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The New York University community: our friends, students, colleagues, and teachers. The NYC cycling community. My colleagues from Berkeley and Brown. The group of retired schoolteachers back in Michigan (where we grew up) that includes my mother and Yvonne's father. The communities who live and work near my marine terminals. The NYC transgender community.
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I am an information artist and architect. I received my Ph.D. studying the use of emergent technology in grassroots organizing; I am a Frierian dialogue practitioner. Yvonne and I are gardeners and humanists. I am struggling to be a voice of ethics and multipartiality as a major stakeholder in the shipping conglomerate my father and his colleagues established fourteen years ago. I am an avid cyclist and run a cooperative repair shop out of our home on the Lower East Side.
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I just landed a position as an adjunct professor in NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. Yvonne is also a professor at NYU. I am also an unlikely shipping magnate: my father's shipping holdings in China, Brazil and Tanzania recently became my property after his untimely passing. I am a radical gender equality advocate, and a high-profile FTM community leader.
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New York City, NY
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After completing my BA in Philosophy at Michigan, I received my MFA in 2011 from Brown, and completed a Ph.D. in information science at Berkeley in 2018. My father passed away in January of 2019, right after my 31st birthday, leaving me all his international maritime holdings, many of which are intentionally sustainable, which he has been accumulating and building over the past fourteen or fifteen years.
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The balance between information security and information freedom; preserving the creative potential of communication technologies; sustainable international trade and relationships; social justice, specifically gender equity at all levels of society.
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L. Cayden Tse
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