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My wife. We have 2 children, the eldest is a sixteen year old boy with autism, and our youndest is a precocious 8 year old girl who takes good care of her older brother. My mother lives in a guest house out back we built for her a few years ago. Technically, this is her house and her property, but she wanted a nice little off the grid cabin for her retirement, and gave us the house. We are now the 5th generation to live here.
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Of course my family, but also our neighborhood. I grew up here, and we work to try to make a community around here. I'm also a scoutmaster for my son's scout troop. I keep up with a group known as the Zombie squad, a disaster preparation and horror movie enthusiast group. I keep in touch with a ""rewilders"" around the country, people trying trelearn how to live as primitive people did. And I'm well associated with the local science fiction conventions.
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I'm an architectural designer. I have studied permaculture and other sustainable food production methods. I train in parkour, an art of movement focused on overcoming obstacles to one's path. The manual labor keeps me in good health. I also spend much of my free time reading and tinkering, and as such I have a general education in a wide variety of subjects. I have first aid training, carpentry and metalworking skills, basic mechanical skills, open source programming experience, and smatterings of other skills that prove useful. My greatest skills, however, are systems analisys and going without. Going without is a surprisingly useful skill, more people ought to learn how to do it.
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I'm what you would call ""actively unemployed."" I take odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. Currently my biggest incomes are home grown vegetables and architectural salvage.
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St. Louis, MO
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I graduated college into the building industry just in time for the housing collapse a decade ago. I was laid off repeatedly, and my third employer forced me into a predatory loan and falsely reported the circumstances of my departure so I couldn't collect unemployment. I was rendered completely bankrupt. I found a new job 4 months later, but during that 4 months I learned to live on the minimum wage my wife earned at walmart. After that experience, I never got back into spending money. I've spent the last 10 years living on a fraction of my income, and putting the rest towards tools and skills which would help me acheive indepenance from the larger economy. When we moved into the family house, we no longer had to pay rent, and once the gardens, rain collection, and power generation was all working, we didn't really need money for anything but property taxes, and I was free to quit working altogether. For the last 2 years I have worked at my own pace, only on the projects that interest me.
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Self-sufficiency. If you don't have the means to produce your necessities yourself, you will forever be at the mercy of those who do control them.
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