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My husband, Chris, and our two kids, Evan and James.
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A number of our friends are from theatre groups we worked with over the years . . . Performers and theatre-makers are a hardy bunch, used to making do. The theatre community in Seattle makes us feel like we belong, and comprises one of our most important circles.
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I'm just as interested in listening to stories as I am in telling them. I love to teach. I'm easily humbled. When I believe in something, I buy in with everything I've got. Art is important to me; even in times when it's easy to think of art as expendable, or a luxury, it continues to make my world go round.
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I teach at a community college and do some writing and performing; Chris is an actor and a full-time dad.
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When I'd finished my Ph.D., I lobbied hard for us to move back to Seattle--even before I had a job, even when we weren't sure what we'd do there. I knew it was the right step the minute we arrived. Friends picked us up from Sea-Tac with a pic-nic lunch and we drove to Gasworks Park . . . it was just fried chicken and lemonade, but I immediately felt more at home than I had in years. The job, the apartment, the salary-appropriate budget: it all followed, but making that blind stab in the right direction--choosing connection with the people we love--has made all the difference.
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My family. In uncertain times, they're what make me feel more secure. My parents live relatively nearby, and Seattle is full of old friends so dear we might as well be related. Life isn't as easy as I expected it to be, but so long as everything is okay with Chris and the kids, I feel remarkably lucky.
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