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My friend James R and his girlfriend Tina M.
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The intellectual community! Yeah I'm a bit of an academic, but that's okay. Weird lab scientists can be like that sometimes. However, on the flip side, I have good friends all over the country and the world. Some I've met in person, some I haven't. I also am a member of ARK, mostly because it's an Anonymous-like group that I can be a part of (Anon is cool, but I'm not a computer guy) and because artists rock. It gets me in touch with the stuff that people don't want published, which is often their more personal side. For me, that would be my prose poems, such as Becoming Human or the Sacrifice of Love (they're actually on my site, so check 'em out).
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I'm a research biologist, more specifically in cellular and biochemistry. So naturally I'm trying to fight the ReDS pandemic. I'm also a skilled writer, having published three larger-scale novels that are almost like parables or allegory.
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I'm a student at the University of Maine and I work with the AMA on medical ReDS-related research.
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Orono, Maine
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Ever since I went to undergrad at Colby College in Maine I've stayed there--it's a nice place, and as soon as travel prices skyrocketed I decided I wouldn't try to move. Luckily the University of Maine had a good grad program for biology. I've struggled as the situation deteriorated, but I've stuck to my priorities: research, writing, and community.
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Humanity's collective knowledge, myself--my emotional expression, the eradication of wasteful human activities (cough oil cough)
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