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My husband, twin boys, 2 cats and a dog
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Religious communities, alumni networks (Yale University, Trinity College Dublin, & St. Olaf College), Reformers International (formerly Rotary International before the 2015 reorganization), and the Berkeley Community Theater.
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I know about US politics, religion, community organizing, group facilitation. I know about principles of dialogue between unlike groups, and how people filter information to try to find something they trust. I can grow food crops--but only a select few-
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Research at Institute for the Future which has recently moved to downtown San Francisco to a much scaled-down office since most people work from home. I research how religion and religious conflict shape individuals, regions and businesses.
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Bay Area, CA
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I'd say 2014 was really the tipping point...that was such a strange moment in time--in the context of an increasingly secular global north & desecularized global south, religious conflict started to really take a toll on businesses. Everyone wanted t
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My family and friends. More generally, the things that matter to me are finding balance, making a difference, celebrating the things that are worth celebrating in life, and security--financial, health and otherwise.
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