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My partner and our youngest daughter Leaf , she's eleven now and aching to get out on the boat tall ships with Aunty Emily. The three oldest kids sweep in from their various adventures a few times a year with stories and laundry. WE have a duplex and next door - though the doors are never locked - lives my sister Jehn when she's not traveling educating people about REds and working for Drs without borders, Our good friend Emily when she's not working on the high seas and various artrists, friends and teachers.
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The kittens- a group of local artists, anarchists, chefs and activists help teach me get back to basics and keep on track. Parents and students The counselors and teachers at the Y
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I am good at managing and training people of all ages. I speak English, French and some Spanish and have an aptitude for language and communication in general. I bake bread, make jam and I know how to process food at home: canning, drying, freezing. I can also knit and sew my own clothes. I am learning how to build straw bale homes
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I am an elementary school teacher - I've started a charter school at home for the neighborhood kids - so that they can walk as no one can afford fuel these days. I also help develop curriculum for other small schools and run a food co-op with my friends.
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Ottawa Ontario
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I had a child of my own and realized that the best way to teach her was by example.
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What matters to me is creating a healthy, sustainable world for all of us . My family and my community's health and happiness is of paramount importance and I would like us all to find ways to find our passions and feel fulfilled, self confident and creative.
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