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I live alone.
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I am very connected with other architects and digital artists as well as friends from college who have gone into various fields. The communities of less fortunate individuals that live without homes are very important to me. I want to help them.
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I have skills in architecture and city planning as well as knowledge of digital media and animation. I can create graphics and 3d models to help represent ideas and concepts. I have studied the problem of city planning and some techniques aimed at fixing poor city planning.
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I am an architect working for a small architecture firm in New York. I am a freelance digital artist on the side, making animations and graphics for various companies.
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I live in an apartment in New York City.
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In 2012, after finishing college I was exposed to the massive amounts of refugees and homeless population in NYC. The suffering and the inability for the layout of the city to cope with these social outcasts stirred my emotions. I decided to focus my energies on helping these outcasts find a place in their environments, locally in NYC and globally.
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The degradation of cities and landscapes around the world. We must find a solution to the unappealing and absurd city planning that has led to decreased relations and cultural awareness. Create communities that can support refugees.
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