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My fiancee died of ReDS two years ago so I live by myself, but my neighborhood consists of a mixture of people. There are a couple of farms around the corner, the guy across the street is a business professional, the two older ladies who live about a hundred yards from me sell baked goods right out of their house (and they do a damn good business, especially from me) and right next door to the older ladies on the right is the optometrist who now does all of his work out of his house.
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I have a network of trusted individuals set up to contact me with news updates and info from all across the world. My network ranges from modern-day farmers in China to the Orange Groves of Southern California. I know people who are fighting to keep the internet alive. Oh and I also know the most influential game designer of our time and the great people she works with. I'm always striving to meet more people and broaden my network horizons.
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There isn't anything in the world that people cannot do or learn. I know that if I want to become a rocket scientist that I will achieve that goal. I don't believe in saying or thinking, ""I can't"" or ""I will try"". The only acceptable way to live life is to say ""I can do it."", followed by succeeding at that goal. I am a great listener, writer, artist, teacher, leader, team member, mediator, problem solver, amateur scientist, lover, fighter and more. I'm not perfect, I'm just me and that is my greatest strength. Oh, and I know a whole lot about oil crisis dilemas. =)
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After I lost my job with General Motors in 2009 due to downsizing, I buried myself in freelance writing jobs on the internet. I've written training manuals for trucking companies and articles on new music for many popular websites and magazines. I've also participated as a game master in quite a few ARG projects such as The Institute for The Future That We Have Left resident Game Designer Jane McGonigal's ""World Without Everything (even dancing)"" project in 2017. Being creative has always been my true passion and my ultimate dream was to make a living doing exactly that. In a strange and unexpected way, I got my wish. I created "" (Displaced Citizens In Motion)"" website in 2011 because of the growing number of migrants and refugees around the world.
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Straddled on a somewhat remote piece of land just a few miles southwest of Cleveland, I've been renting this one bedroom house ever since the bank foreclosed on my parents' home in 2010. The parents live nearby in a small, two bedroom ranch on a couple acres of land. I had to convince them that staying near Youngstown wasn't going to be a good idea in a few years and it was best to stick to being near the larger cities without actually living in them.
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If I had to choose a turning point, I suppose losing my job made me realize how chaotic things really were. I knew things were getting rough obviously, but it has been more of a gradual downward spiral. I spent many days researching the things going on in the world. I saw these migrants or nomads as they are referred to, struggling to find a place to live. In their travels they were ripped off, mislead, jumped or killed just for the little bit of what they had left strapped to their backs. I felt that there had to be something that could be done to help them. That's when the DCIM website was born.
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Being happy, despite any situation.
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