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My wife and cat.
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I'm active in the science fiction, tech blogging, civil libertarian, and historic preservation communities. My local contacts focus in the preservation and restoration areas; my virtual network includes bloggers, writers, tech experts, and SF fans from all over the world.
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Long-term IT expert, with knowledge of software development and data management and synthesis that's been kept up-to-date with the times. I contract out to both large firms and small groups as a data management and mobile development expert.Since moving to Savannah (4 years ago), I've become very active in historic preservation and home/housing restoration. By no means an expert yet, but learning alot.I also write science fiction, and have a moderately successful career building (5 years since sale of first novel.)
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Author, columnist, part-time IT pro, part-time restorationist
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Savannah, GA
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I took inspiration from heroes like Cory Doctorow and struck out on my own as a technology activist, columnist, and fiction author. Mildly successful, I manage to keep enough odd IT contracts in the hopper to keep us comfortable. My wife and I live in a partially restored historic home in a town, Savannah, GA, that's dealing with the challenges of ReDS and climate change.
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My family and friends, local and remote. Our shared life, real and virtual. Protecting Savannah from climate changes.
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