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I live with my husband of 14 years Kiyash, our 7-year-old daughter Pepper, and our 13-year-old Sheltie Meche.
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I know lots of game designers, game developers, game researchers, and of course gamers. I know many people who go to dog parks. I have, through my husband, an extended family that spans most of North America as well as parts of Western Europe and the Middle East
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I know how to design reality-based games. I know how to harness participation bandwidth and engineer systems for extreme-scale collaboration.
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I'm the director of game research and development at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California -- a position I've had since late 2008. I am also the founder and director of the MYOR (Make Your Own Reality) Network, a social/activist/industry network for people who want to improve real quality of life and solve real problems by making and playing games together.
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I live in San Francisco, California!
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The big turning point for me was in late 2008, when I started writing Reality is Broken, my book about how gameful ways of thinking and acting in the world can make us happier and change reality for the better. It was published by Penguin Press in 2010 and since then, and since founding MYOR, I've been very focused on games as a platform for good and for change.
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I care most about improving global quality of life in terms other than economic production/consumption, by more sustainable measures like well-being, life satisfaction, and community strength. I care about reducing human suffering and optimizing human pottential.
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