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I live with my parents doing what I can to help them all that I can. Everyone who lives close we all do odd jobs for each other so money is not as much of an issue.
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I try my best to stay in contact with friends and family that I still have. I consider everyone I meet traveling though a friend. I may be the only person they have to care about them.
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We may only have so many years to live but if you don't try to help it will just end even faster. I wanna live till the last moment.
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Before my shop closed I was a hairdresser now I'm one of the members of many Medex teams traveling all over. I still travel with my supplies giving haircuts to make a little extra as we go from place to place.
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Whats left of Youngstown, Ohio many chose to leave but we are the small group that have stayed. I live in a three bedroom home on a small piece of land nothing major. Our house is paid off so when banks went down we didn't lose our home like most.
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Everythign started closing I wasn't sure what I was going to do with myself. My moment of change came when a friend of mine (noplacelikehome) told me how she had an idea of mobile doctors. I instantly jumped on board. I've always helped people and I may not be a real doctor but it doesnt mean that I can't help out anyone in need.
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Things may be bad but just have to make the best of it even if you hate it sometimes.
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