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Wife, Daughter, Brother, Friends (a family of four), Thirty-two refugees from Korea, two dogs.
Profile Communities
Artists, people who build community, people who build structures, people who know how to do things. I have a wide circle of talented friends. I am now in close contact with a group of Korean immigrants. Among this group are farmers, doctors, scientists and craftspeople.
Profile Skills
The English language, how to speak in public, how to play accordion. I am quickly learning how to farm, how to negotiate, how to repair things. I've been a jack of all trades, master of none, and am finding that I ""master"" what I need to when I need to.
Profile Profession
Teacher, writer, farmer, handyman, negotiator, gift-economist
Profile Location
Northerneast Oregon
Profile Experience
Leaving the bay area and the urban environment for health reasons. To get further away from pollution and to adjust my lifestyle to more sustainable practices
Profiles Ideals
Safety and welfare for all with more conern/effort concentrated on those more close to me.
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